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More Than You Wanted to Know About Lynn & Christine

The two original books open and being read.

Together, we have published 3 books and have a fourth in production. They are as follows:

  • The Rose Garden and the Ring with Bonus Study Guide
  • The Rose Garden and the Ring
  • Faith in the Midst of Unfaithfulness: Study Guide

We also have a podcast called Christine Talks, highlighting the books in a discussion format.

As two moms living on the same street with kids similar in ages, Lynn & I couldn’t be more opposite. I am sure that is the reason we work so well together. Lynn is one side of the brain, and I am the other. She is logical, and I am a “flower” (that is what she calls my writing style… and I guess it works!)

Going about our average lives, we never would have guessed the internal struggles we were both facing… until the Lord decided we needed one another.

*side note: How awesome is God? He takes what seems impossible and gives us a way. You may not be feeling that sentiment at this point in your life, and that is okay! You can just trust me for now.

Lynn and I were placed together in the craziest way to help one another through the affairs our spouses had and would again be involved in. Our goal in writing the books and in ministry is to let the faithful partners of the world know they are NOT ALONE!

It can be a lonely place when the d-day news of adultery hits you. I want to help get it in your head you are not going crazy, you are not in this alone, and God continues to sit on His throne.

I hope you will join me, Christine, in this revealing blog as we review the books, discuss difficult topics, answer readers’ questions, and find our way to a stronger faith in Jesus.

Bye for now,


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