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The Rose Garden and the Ring: Faith in the Midst of Unfaithfulness

Faith in the Midst of Unfaithfulness: Study Guide

The Rose Garden andthe Ring with bonus Study Guide

Three books, all made for one dream… the vision of reaching others in pain to let them know they are NOT ALONE! This article will go over the two, made 3, books and give you an idea of how they can be used in your struggle.

These books were written with the consideration of those truly hurting and struggling to function on a day to day basis, like we both were. Simple and familiar would be a complimentary description for the structure of these books. Real, honest and raw, would be how one would describe it after reading the books. Take these review excerpts from readers:

“There are plenty of books out there about infidelity, but this is the first one I have read that allows for and voices the emotions one feels when going through this tragedy against families.”

“You can trust them. They are real. They are honest. You will breathe again, darkness will turn to The Light, and ashes will turn to beauty. Just take their hands and be open to a God of Miracles.”

They are only two of the reviews, and we hope you will add one more, not because we desire recognition, but because you were helped. This is our sincere prayer and the calling to which we answer.

Some topics we cover in the books are located on the back cover of the original study guide:

On a personal note… these books were truly a labor of love written with all the emotion and raw, embarrassing content you will read. All this so you will know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Located in the back of the book are “Cut and Paste Prayers”. These prayers are located at the end of each chapter, but also in removable form in the back of the book. This was suggested by one of our readers who felt they would help her if they were placed on her mirror, in her car, and on the fridge… you get the drift.

The Preface of the book is the introduction to the beginning of our journey as best friends and writing partners.

Join me next article as I dive into the beginning and reveal the start of a very difficult season in two families lives.

Thanks for you support, Christine

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