Welcome to Rose and Ring Adultery Healing Ministry

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Walking with God

Faith in the Midst of Unfaithfulness

If you have recently learned about your spouse’s adultery, you are in the right place.

If you have a friend struggling through the pain of Adultery, you are in the right place.

If you are feeling all alone in the fight for sanity and understanding, you are in the right place.

If you are tired of everyone else’s opinions on adultery and what you should do, you are in the right place.

If you have searched “adultery healing” and only find well meaning doctors, writers, and pastors who have written advice for you, WE HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN THERE and you are in the right place!


Lynn and Christine along with Rose and Ring Ministry are here for you.

They have been called to help people who are lost and confused about what is happening after confronting a spouse’s affair; those desperately seeking to be understood and heard. An Adultery Healing Ministry.

Many dear friends continually struggle with the pain and tragedy of marital unfaithfulness. The hope is that through transparency and the study of the Word, you can forge into your future knowing God is with you and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Walking with the Lord on the way to healing is our sincerest prayer for every reader and listener! Listen to what one reader says…

“Is the miracle you seek to breathe again? Do you find yourself inside a darkness you cannot escape? Are you broken in such a way that you have become like dust on the floor? If so, you are not alone. Lynn and Christine have been there. They have invited us into their secret places. Although two different stories, two different lives … you will discover they have the same God. A God of Healing and a God of Hope. That God is your God as well. These two women want to lead you to His throne through the power of scripture and the cries of prayers. You can trust them. They are real. They are honest. You will breathe again, darkness will turn to The Light, and ashes will turn to beauty. Just take their hands and be open to a God of Miracles.
See you at the throne,”
A Sister Traveler

If you long to breathe again after adultery, we urge you to utilize this site to it’s fullest. The pages listed in the menu will help guide you along the way to gaining control, faith, and healing…

  • Read through the weekly blog posts for help and encouragement.
  • The Christine Talks Podcast corresponds to the blog and books with personal thought and notes on adultery healing from Christine.
  • All 3 books are available for purchase so you can read the concepts over and over again until you feel you have mastered each one and are ready to move forward.

Learn all about the books on Adultery Healing by clicking here.