What Our Readers and Listeners are Saying…

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The Rose Garden and the Ring with Bonus Study Guide

“A touching, powerful account of solace in God, even in the worst of times.” – Kirkus Review

“…It’s very real and raw but it always comes back around to healing.” – City Times and Observer

“Excellent book written by women like me; not famous authors or therapists etc. This book helped me more than the numerous books I’ve read by professionals. Loved reading the kids portion too. If you’re dealing with infidelity, then this book is a must read.” – CM

“Excellent reading, all the better because it’s Christ based. Maybe others can benefit from the pain these families felt. Without Christ, it must be even harder to cope. Amen” – TE

“Great book! A must read. Everyone that believes in God and struggles with faith should read this book. It is a 5-star rating for a reason.” – TP

“This is a must-read for any woman who has suffered a husband’s betrayal. Lynn & Christine have written in such clarity, honesty and compassion for the woman who is hurting from her husband’s adultery. Their insights on that “roller coaster of emotions,” knowing when it’s time to walk away, revenge, the kids of the families who suffer the most, and especially, the “anatomy of an adulteress”– they’ve not missed a single part of what happens when this kind of sin enters into a man’s life and how it can destroy families, sometimes for years to come.”

“I recommend this passionate work of the heart to any woman whose husband has chosen to stray from their covenant vows. It will shed light on why a husband may have made this choice. It will remind you of God’s promises to protect you, hold you up and lead your way. It WILL offer you a starting point in forgiving your husband, which is the most important step toward YOUR healing process. A forewarning, though–you will not get through this book without a hefty amount of tissues. Don’t even expect to. The prayers Lynn & Christine lead you through are heart-wrenching, soul-cleansing and mind-altering — all for your good. This is a must-read for any woman who has suffered.” – SC