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A Special Covid-19 Message for Those Hurting from Adultery

Adultery Keeps Hurting Even if There is a Pandemic

Hello to all my friends out there hurting from adultery. You have one of the most life-altering and devastating events in your heart and your relationship. All you need is a global pandemic! Am I right?

But it is not funny because you are dealing with the fallout from adultery right now, and it feels like you are alone, I am sure. I want to emphasize; you are not alone!

Please feel free to contact me through the website or via email or message me through the Christine Talks podcast platform you listen to. I am sure you are not the only one with your specific question, and maybe I can share it with the other readers and listeners to help them out too!

My biggest concern and reason for writing this podcast is to validate you and your needs at this moment. Your situation is unique compare to the others struggling with Covid-19 restrictions. Here are some examples:

While the world is dealing with fear and worry about your health and the health of your loved ones…

You are dealing with fear and worry about the security of your marriage and possibly your kids, PLUS, their emotional wellbeing.

The world is struggling with changes in sleep or eating patterns…

If I had to guess, you are not sleeping or are sleeping much and the same with eating. We use our vices when the chips are stacked against us.

The world may have worsening health problems…

But are you healthy? Does it even matter?

People react differently but almost always at an extreme. Either you dive into an angry workout routine, or you schlep yourself over to the couch or on the bed and try not to let anyone make you get up.

And what about the world’s concern for pre-existing mental health conditions?…

While most of the time, you feel like a new category of mental health all on your own!

Then there is homeschooling the children. Now all-day Americans are doing virtual school with their kids all day…

Where attempting to focus on one subject at a time, much less having no quiet time to process the affair is “virtually” impossible.

The steps to take are much the same; you just have a whole lot more going on.

Self-care is a must during a crisis.

I cannot emphasize that enough. I posed a question on social media to my friends during this virus quarantine and asked them what ways they were practicing self-care.

Sadly, most of them had not even taken any time at all. That is just digging your self into a deeper hole! You must find a way to be important to yourself because you are to God!

Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly and about adultery constantly can be overwhelming.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking. I know they do not solve the problem. I wish you the best and will pray for you!

Take Care of you today and remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Bye for now,

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