Walking with God

A photo of the inside of The Rose Garden and the Ring book with a cup of cappucchino.

Walking directly beside God is right where we need to be at this particular time in our lives.

When you are walking with someone, you might be pleased to chit chat or possible hash over important topics, you may glance around and see the surrounding beauty, you may even notice scenery you have never noticed before. Often times when you are taking a walk with someone you are silent, enjoying the stroll and each other’s company. That is where I would like you to consider starting, and if it gets too difficult and you can’t bear to go on, remember He is there to pick you up and carry you whenever you ask.

Footprints in the Sand

In fact, as the poem about the footprints in the sand tells us, God has to reach over, pick us up and carry us. I know He has had to snatch me up more than a couple times! I am glad His back does not get worn out.

This is one of those skimmed over verse that you may have heard a million times over… but consider what it says with me one more time and in perspective to what we are experiencing with the affairs…

“Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3:5-6


First let me point out the word Trust. We will get into that in another chapter and podcast. But go a little further and see it says WITH ALL you heart. Not just some or a part.

That is a tall order considering our hearts are now so broken and guarded.

Stop where you are now, if you can and ask yourself, can you give your whole heart to God?  

Then let’s go on to the next part… lean not on your own understanding… that is kind of what you were probably just fighting with, in yourself. Your understanding of trusting anyone with your whole heart brings an angry brow or a little vomit to the throat! Gross!

But to give it all to the one who created you in the first place makes sense.

Remember being a tiny child, before the world began to jade you… that feeling of complete love and wholehearted trust is what God is asking for. That is even another reason Jesus asked us to become like children.

Okay… then it says in all your ways acknowledge Him… what is that? What’s with the strong words again… all! Well, he means it, so he is going to use a definitive.

Here it is to recognize him in all things… allow him into all things.

  • Did you get an A on a paper? That was God’s favor. Thank him.
  • Did you get a raise at work?
  • A good parking spot?
  • Have a good day?
  • Learn a valuable lesson? 

You get my drift. It matters not how simple or life changing the event is.

Praise the Lord! In all things.

Now it says he will make your path straight. Simply put, he will ease your journey. A trip to the mall will 2 or more kids may signal a rough day ahead. But pray, give Him the authority over the day and celebrate His hand in the good things that do happen at the mall.

Now, I went over that scripture so thoroughly for a reason. The last lesson dealt with your faith… Today is Walking with God.

Walking With God

Travel with me in your mind for a moment. Imagine a peaceful walk with the Lord, amidst all the turmoil in your life. If you ask Him to come alongside of you, He surely will. That is the first step to walking with God.

When I first talked to Him… wait, let me back up for a moment. If I am going to be honest with you, the first time I conversed with the Lord on a matter of distress I did not walk or even talk. I jumped, yelled, screamed, cried and had a righteous temper tantrum about my discovery.

That said, I suppose my peaceful walk would be the second time.

I began to pray like I had never prayed before. I spoke to Him while driving my car, taking a shower, preparing dinner, sweeping the floors; whatever I task I was attempting to carry out, I was constantly in prayer, walking with God. I prayed with a feverish desperation and I received concrete answers. Whether from the mouth of a good friend or from the nudges of the Holy Spirit, I received my answers.

Our Walk with God is different in each situation and in each day, but as long as we hold true to the points in Proverbs 3:5-6 that I mentioned earlier, our journey to healing will be directed by the Lord.

How do we go about walking with God when we can barely get out of bed some days?

Consider this story…

Let the Father Lead You

Picture a young child walking with her father. As a little one, she believes that
her daddy has her best interest at heart and is there to protect, lead, and guide
her. He reaches out and asks her to hold his hand. She happily takes his hand
and they cross the street safely, without a doubt that they will reach the other

The Lord wants to lead us safely through our trials. He is reaching out his
hand, all we need to do is take it, trust, and walk with Him.


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